Energy & Carbon Reduction Reports

Many Local Planning Authorities now require developers to demonstrate certain site-wide carbon reduction strategies. These may take the form of requiring installation of renewable technologies to meet a certain portion of the energy demand of a development, or perhaps to reduce the carbon emissions by a percentage figure, often 10% or 15%.

Award Energy are very experienced in producing these Energy Statements for planning purposes and can help you establish and meet your Council’s requirements. We undertake the necessary SAP or SBEM calculations and produce an explanatory report for submission to the LPA. In addition, we can advise on the feasibility of a fabric-first approach, which may be the most practical and cost-effective strategy on a particular development. Furthermore, Sustainability Statements can be useful in support of applications for a tricky site.

In addition, Regulation 25a requires that before the construction of a new dwelling starts the builder/developer shall carry out an analysis to take into account the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of using high-efficiency alternative systems.

If you’ve been asked for any of these statements, please do give Award Energy a call on 01423 506070 to discuss.